International Coordination

The International Committee Meeting (ICM) is the main decision making body of SCI. It is the annual meeting of  the representatives of all SCI branches. It is here that the general policy of the organisation is defined. 

What is decided in the ICM is then carried out by the International Executive Committee (IEC), the coordination body of SCI and the place where decisions are taken in between two ICMs.

Who are the IEC?

Goska       rita warleigh           



   Jimmy New


Sonia Vanderveken - Co-opted Member


You can contact the IEC by sending an email to the International Secretariat, or by using the contact form.

The operative support of the SCI international coodination structure is guaranteed by the International Secretariat, based in Antwerp, Belgium. Here currently four staff persons are working together with two EVS volunteers and one Service Civique volunteer. The International Coordinator is the head of the office and an ex-officio member of the IEC.