GAIA MicroGrants Programme

Gaia MicroGrants

After successfully running for five consecutive years and supporting more than 80 projects, all funds have been granted for this phase. The GAIA MicroGrants Programme has again this year been providing a source of funding for SCI branches and local groups to organize grassroots activities focusing on SUSTAINABLE LIVING (balancing environmental, social and economic activities in a way that does not compromise the ability of future generations to meet their needs) and CLIMATE JUSTICE (recognizing human responsibility for climate change; that certain groups contribute to it more, leaving other communities, ecosystems and future generations to experience its dangerous impacts; in SCI we commit to climate justice by raising awareness of our contribution to climate change and trying to minimize it; SCI also supports branches and volunteers working with local communities in preparation for climate change impacts).?



Your initiative should focus on providing direct support to local communities preparing themselves to face changing natural conditions.


Climate change poses a threat to people's’ wellbeing and even takes lives. Those impacts are escalating, but through strategic planning and preparedness, some of these dangers can be avoided.


  • build a dam or reservoir to conserve rainwater for the dry season,
  • Help farmers plant new varieties more adapted to hotter/drier climate
  • plant trees to protect coastlines from erosion due to rising sea levels,
  • build up flood protection,
  • raise awareness of local communities about the impacts of climate change,
  • plan together how you will prepare to face climate change impacts;


Your initiative should have a positive impact on access to food in your community, either by growing your own produce or by cooperation with farmers.


World population continues to grow, available land is limited, soil is being degraded and communities around the world are experiencing food shortages or inequality of food distribution.


  • support a farmer introducing organic farming methods,
  • organize a workshop to promote awareness about food waste,
  • set up a community food garden,
  • support an NGO in starting Community Supported Agriculture project,
  • create a drip irrigation system in an existing community garden,


All funding areas provide grants of up to 500€. At least 75% of the total funding is reserved for applicants from the Global South.

We welcome project proposals that:

  • Contain a completed application form and fit one of the funding areas above.
  • Combine action and education on sustainable living and/or climate justice.
  • Provide practical benefits to the local community.
  • Have a plan for follow up activities.


Find out more in the GAIA MicroGrants Programme Guide.

You want to know more about projects which already took place? Read the “Climate for Peace Inspirations. How to organize activities for climate justice and sustainable living” booklet available HERE.

You are not sure what climate justice and sustainable living mean in practice? Refer to the “Climate for Peace Toolkit. How to organize sustainable workcamps” available HERE.

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If you want to support the GAIA MicroGrants Programme by making a donation to the Fund you have two possibilities:

  1. Offsetting your carbon emissions by donating.
  2. Direct donation.