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The SCI Online Talkshow is back, this time on a weekly format. All you need to do is get installed on a comfy couch, chair or bed, grab your laptop or tablet, and tune into to our live channel on this page. Next show will be on April 25th at 13:00 Central European Time (CET) SHARP! We will be talking with Femi from VWAN Nigeria

Interaction will be made possible through live chat, and Facebook/Twitter integration. This panel will stay online after the show as well, to answer any remaining question that you may still have after watching.

If you missed the last Talkshow about IIWC Indonesia, you can watch it here. Please join us the 25th of April for a brand new event!

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The Talkshow 2014 programme:

Friday, 21st March, 13:00 CET: VCV Serbia (watch the talkshow)
Sonja and Daniel (coordinators of the workcamp season) - Wood'n'straw workcamp (RS-SCI 12.1).
Contact: ,

Friday, 28 March, 13:00 CET: GENCTUR (watch the talkshow)
Zafer (Voluntary Works Coordinator) - Focusing on Teenager's and family's workcamps in Turkey.

Friday, 4 April, 13:00 CET: Create a Climate for Peace Campaign (watch the talkshow)
Sara and Steffi - Presentation of the Create a Climate for Peace campaign.

Friday, 11 April, 13:00 CET: Nataté Mexico
Linndgberg (General Director) - Permaculture workcamp.

Friday, 18 April, 13:00 CET: IIWC Indonesia
Tony, Ivar and Lea - Mangkang workcamp.

Friday 25th of April, 13:00 CET: VWAN Nigeria
Femi - Climate 4 Peace workcamp, Eruwa community

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